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JS-406B Upcut Saw (Straight or miter cut-off) INQUIRY


  1. Can cut ± 0 ~ 45° angles.
  2. Quick positioning pin enable to stop desired angle quickly and precisely.
  3. Cutting feed is driven by an air/hydraulic combination power for smooth feed speed.
  4. Cutting height is adjustable for saving time of cutting. Movable back fence enable to straight or miter cut bigger profiles.
  5. Pneumatic vertical clamp.
  6. Clamping pressure is adjustable to prevent workpiece deformation problem during clamping process.
  7. Only treadle on foot switch to activate clamping and cutting automatically.
  8. Pneumatic spray mist lubrication for saw blade to extend saw blade life.
JS-406B Upcut Saw (Straight or miter cut-off) Up Cutting Air Cylinder and Hydraulic Buffering Device Cutting Capacity Chart


Model: JS-406B
Cutting angle: +45° ~ 0° ~ -45°
Cutting capacity: Refer to chart
Saw blade sizes: Ø16'' x Ø 1'' x 3.2mm x 120T
Spindle speed: 3200 RPM
Spindle motors: 3HP
Clamping cylinders: 1 Vertical clamp (cover type)
Cutting method: Up cutting
Table height: 925mm
Table area: 680 x 380mm
Roller Conveyor: Optional
N.W. / G.W.: 234 / 302 kg
Machine dimensions: 890 x 850 x 1570mm
Packing dimensions: 1160 x 1010 x 1720mm