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JS-38 60" Abrasive Jumbo Roll Slitter INQUIRY


Slits wide abrasive jumbo rolls into narrow abrasive rolls.


  1. Can slit into width 1"~60".
  2. Infinite variable slitting speed. Approximately 75 meters/minute.
  3. Individual blade holder, pneumatic blade feed-in device. Circular blade sizes: 110x40x2mm (Option: mechanical blade feed-in)
  4. Automatic unwind edge position control device.
  5. Pneumatic expanding unwind and rewind shafts.
  6. Pneumatic disc brake, controlling unwind shaft tension.
  7. Pneumatic disc clutch, controlling rewind shaft tension.
  8. Maximum rewinding diameter: 600mm
  9. Upper rewind shaft can be taken off to facilitate replacing wide rolls.
  10. Can choose to rewind on the grain side or backing side of the abrasive roll.
  11. Main shaft is made of SUJ2 steel substance and is hard to wear out.
  12. With Length counter.
  13. Horse power: main shaft 10HP
JS-38 60" Abrasive Jumbo Roll Slitter
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