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Abrasive Conversion Machinery

JS-35 24" Abrasive Belt / Roll Slitter INQUIRY


Slits processed abrasive belt and roll into narrower ones.


  1. Individual blade holder can quickly adjust necessary size. Circular blade sizes: 110x40x2mm
  2. Can slit into width 1"~12".
  3. Can slit into length 24"~132".
  4. Hydraulic feed-in device. Infinite variable slitting speed.
  5. Pneumatic belt tensioning. (Option: Manual belt tensioning)
  6. Main shaft is made of steel substance and is hard to wear out.
  7. Maximum rewinding diameter: 600mm
  8. Horse power: main shaft 2HP, rewind shaft 1/2HP, hydraulic feed-in 1HP
JS-35 24" Abrasive Belt / Roll Slitter
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