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Abrasive Conversion Machinery

JS-32A 60" Abrasive Belt Press INQUIRY


Presses to close the jointed ends of wide abrasive belt.


  1. Roller pneumatic pressing.
  2. Cantilever type structure can quickly load and unload abrasive belt.
  3. Narrow belt can be pressed.
  4. Bottom press plate has heating device.
  5. Roller slide unit adopts 30mm H-shaped linear bearing: precise and free maintenance.
  6. Adopts 40mm ball screw drive: low noise, smooth, with long life span.
  7. Infinite variable pressing speed.
  8. Can select either one-way press or two-way press.
  9. Press length can be adjusted quickly and easily to fit various width belts: time saving.
  10. The pressure of the contact roller can be adjusted quickly and easily.
  11. Horse power: roller slide unit 2HP.
JS-32A 60" Abrasive Belt Press
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