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Abrasive Conversion Machinery

JS-39A 60" Abrasive Belt Cut-to-Length Machine (Wave and Straight Cut Types) INQUIRY


Angle-cuts to length required for wide abrasive belt.


  1. Can cut into both wave and straight shapes. Only needs to change pattern.
  2. Patterns are easily and quickly to change. Can be done in 30 seconds.
  3. Steel blade, after worn out, can be replaced quickly at a low cost. No needs for second processing and grinding.
  4. Disc-shaped structure can adjust angles 75°~90°.
  5. Cutting roller slide unit adopts H-shaped linear bearing.
  6. Motor-driven feed-in device.
  7. Infinite variable cutting speed.
  8. Pneumatic clamping device.
  9. Can cut any kinds of coated abrasives.
  10. Horse power: roller slide unit 1HP
JS-39A 60" Abrasive Belt Cut-to-Length Machine
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