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JS-200 Vertical Double Miter Saw INQUIRY


  1. Specially designed for cutting high workpieces.
  2. A miter saw features over pivot type.
  3. Saw blades feed vertically. Maximum height of cutting is 180mm.
  4. Automatic oil mist cooling for saw blades during cutting.
  5. Vertical and horizontal workpiece clamping design ensures extremely firm clamping for any type of aluminum workpiece.
  6. Saw blades move vertically on two precision shafts, assuring consistent cutting.
  7. Compensation for saw blade wear is easy to adjust.
  8. Saw blade height is adjustable for saving time of cutting.
  9. Model JS-200W for wood applications.
JS-200 Vertical Double Miter Saw Workpiece Sketch


Model: JS-200
Cutting angle: 45°
Cutting width: 90mm
Cutting height: 180mm
Saw blade sizes: Ø14'' x Ø 1'' x 3.0mm x 120T
Spindle speed: 3200 RPM
Spindle motors: 3HP x 2
Clamping cylinders: 4 Vertical clamps、2 Horizontal clamps
Cutting method: Staggered blade vertical cutting
Table height: 850mm
In-feed extension table: 1525mm
Out-feed extension table: 1525mm
N.W. / G.W.: 448 / 520 kg
Machine dimensions: 1000 x 910 x 1580mm
Packing dimensions: 1200 x 1090 x 1830mm